App Cloner Premium v1.5.5 Mod And Free Download

App Cloner Premium v1.5.5 features :

app cloner premium version hack

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• Replacement icons application (complete or replace the color gamut of the existing icons)

Create multiple applications clones

• Ability to share the cloned applications

• Deleting applications and widgets, icons

Enable / Disable backup cloned applications

Resolution installation clones external SD-card

• Elimination of the cloned application from the list of recent

Disabling clone startup

• Removal of applications built components for clocks Android Wear

• Lock rotation and job forced the portrait / landscape orientation

Deleting authorizations

• Enabling application mode for Samsung devices, multi-window

• Turning debugging ART function :

Adding password protection at startup

• Enable incognito mode (close the application of its notification and rapid destruction of its data)

• Blocking the use of mobile data (the application can only use WiFi-network for Internet access)

• blocker hosts ( monitor and ban the application access to its servers and domains)

• SOCKS proxy (redirect application traffic through a SOCKS proxy to bypass blockages and anonymization)

• Opening of access to reading and writing to files and directories in an application without requiring route-rights

Taking all certificates

Silent run (mute when the application starts)

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